Take Your Home’s Plumbing To A Green Level

For homeowners in the Brighton, CO area interested in protecting the planet, there are many simple things you can do around your house to help keep your home and plumbing environmentally friendly. And you might even discover that some of these helpful and earth-friendly ideas will help you save time and money on your utility bills. It is as simple as making the commitment and following through to help save the planet and some valuable natural resources.

Think Ultra Energy Efficient Hot Water

A traditional tank-style water heater is usually the second-largest energy consumer in a household. It comes in just behind the HVAC system in almost every house. So if you can find a way to get your hot water while using less energy, it is a win for you and the planet. The solution that many are turning to is the tankless water heater. This innovative machine only heats water when there is a demand for it. So there is no energy wasted keeping a massive tank of water hot when you are not even home. In addition to a significantly lower energy bill, you will also be rewarded for your choice with unlimited hot water. This unit will continue to heat water as long as you have that shower running. So no more cold showers or colossal energy bills.

Put Machines To Work For You

Many people think that hand washing dishes is the best way to save water and energy. But that is far from the truth. An Energy Star rated dishwasher will clean an entire load of dishes using just 5 gallons of water. You would use over 30 gallons to wash the same number of dishes by hand. And in addition to saving water, you are saving your time and energy.

No one hand washes clothes. But it is vital to commit to washing only full loads of laundry in your Energy Star clothes washer. The practice of washing an outfit at a time wastes water and energy. So promise yourself only to wash a full load of clothes in cold water to offer the most significant benefit to the planet. Cold water with cold water detergent cleans equally as well as hot water and is less damaging to the fibers of your clothing. It is a win for you and the environment.

Low-Flow But You Would Never Know

Installing low-flow fixtures in your home is a great way to save a massive amount of water. Low-flow showers, faucets, and toilets use only a fraction of the water gulped by older fixtures. And thanks to amazing technology, you never notice a difference in the feel of the water in the shower or from a faucet. The only change that you will see is the cost of your water bill dropping. And low-flow toilets are using new tech to flush with only about 25% of the water required by older models. So the savings keep adding up, but you never feel like you are giving up anything or forced to settle for less than the best.

Stop That Leak

The average household is estimated to waste about 10,000 gallons of water a year on leaks and dripping faucets. If you find a dripping faucet or pipe that is leaking, call in a professional plumber to eliminate that leak and save you some cash. In addition, you will be helping to conserve one of the world’s most precious natural resources.

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