New Technologies and Water Heater Performance

Modern water heaters aren’t as wasteful and short-lived as they were when they were invented in the 19th century. Still, most water heaters found in homes aren’t as efficient as they could be. They have to store many gallons of water and keep them hot, which adds to energy bills. According to some experts, only your HVAC system costs more to run than a hot water heater. But the latest technologies are here to greatly improve your hot water heater’s performance. These include Wi-Fi, advanced safety features to prevent breakdowns, the use of tougher structural materials, and new ways to reduce heat loss.

Consider Tankless Water Heaters

Also called continuous flow systems, tankless water heaters are prized for being more efficient than traditional water heaters. Though they may cost more to install, they save money because they deliver hot water only when and where it’s needed. They also last longer than traditional heaters, and their temperatures can be controlled very precisely. This reduces the risk of scalding. Often no larger than suitcases, tankless heaters can be installed close to the fixtures where hot water is needed most.

Think of Installing a Condensing Water Heater

These gas-powered water heaters, which are also tankless, use the energy from the exhaust produced by the heater. Normally, this exhaust would just be lost. Condensing water heaters also have superior insulation, and their temperature can be controlled with great precision. Because of this, condensing water heaters are more environmentally friendly than traditional water heaters, and their UEF, or Uniform Energy Factor, can be as high as 96 percent.

Heat Pump Water Heaters Are Also Efficient

Like a heat pump that’s part of your HVAC system and heats and cools your home, the heat pump water heater uses heat from the outside air or a body of water and transfers it to your hot water. This allows the system to use less energy, which you’ll see in lower energy bills. Heat pump water heaters can even be used in cold climates, and you can control them using your smartphone.

Consider Hybrid Heaters

These heaters use both heat pump and traditional electric heater technology to make your water heater more efficient and to lower your energy costs. These types of heaters give you hot water instantly like a tankless heater while supporting a supply of hot water like a traditional heater.

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Over the years, manufacturers have designed water heaters to be more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. If you want more information on water heaters and their ever-advancing technologies, give our professional plumbers a call at Royal Services in Brighton, Colorado.