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John W.
John W.
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"The Royal plumbing technician was awesome, he made sure all my questions were answered, fixed all issues, and left the place spotless. Excellent Service."
Stephen F.
Stephen F.
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" Scott is always professional and honest. I would highly recommend him. "
Joanie R.
Joanie R.
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" Scott Choka is the best! Prompt, reliable and professional, he is a master at his craft! We will continue to call him for future projects. "
Tinaya B.
Tinaya B.
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" We call Scott from Royal Plumbing for everything. Pipe leaks, water heater repair, full replacements. He’s absolutely our go-to guy. Kind, respectful, fast and incredibly fair pricing. Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. "
Marry K.
Marry K.
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" Scott explained things thoroughly and clearly outlined steps to be taken for repairs. "

Water Heaters in Thornton, CO

When you are forced to endure a cold shower, your first hope is that a repair is possible rather than a replacement. However, your greatest concern is finding a reliable licensed plumber who can get to your home quickly to determine why you have no hot water. Luckily, the Royal Services Plumbing pros have become the go-to plumbing service company for repairing and replacing water heaters in Thornton, CO. So you can expect to be met by a highly skilled technician who will get the job done! For fast and reliable help, call (720) 740-0452 for your repairs or to schedule an appointment.

Repair Versus Replacement

Homeowners in Thornton, CO are always excited to learn that many water heater issues can be repaired when they choose to work with an honest plumbing company. However, there are times when our team will recommend that you consider a replacement if it is within your budget. The average tank-style unit has a life expectancy of between eight and twelve years. After that point, the unit is not considered to be reliable. Therefore, if your unit is at the end of its lifetime, a replacement is always the best financial choice.

Common Water Heater Issues

Many homeowners assume that the only issue they will ever have with their unit is a lack of hot water. However, many other problems can motivate a call to the experts at Royal Services Plumbing. Some of the most indicative signs that it is time for water heater replacement in Thornton, CO include:

Inappropriate Water Temperature

If you notice that your hot water is barely warm or scorching hot, there is certainly something wrong. It could be a thermostat issue or even worn-out heating elements. The good news is that these are often easy and affordable to repair.


Water leaks from the fittings and piping around your unit, the drain valve, or the pressure relief valve are all issues that a skilled licensed plumber can repair. If your water heater is in otherwise good condition, these repairs are significantly cheaper than the cost of a full replacement.

Contaminated Hot Water

Discovering particles or flecks in your hot water can be a cause for alarm. You work about what is contaminating the water and if it is safe to consume and use for cooking. Often, the flecks are tiny bits of pipe or rust that are eroding from inside your home’s water lines. In the case of bacterial contamination, you could notice a slight tan or yellow tint to the water or an odd odor or taste.

Strange Sounds

Many customers call at the first sign of crackling or popping sounds coming from their unit. These are often due to sediment build-up in the tank and it burning off of the heating element.

Call our professionals today for water heater repair and replacement in Thornton, CO! (720) 740-0909

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that not all plumbers are skilled enough to perform tankless water heater repairs in Thornton, CO. Many recommend that the unit be replaced rather than going to the expense of a repair. That is a sure sign of a company that does not install or maintain many tankless units. You can rest assured that our team of licensed professionals at Royal Services Plumbing are highly trained and certified for the job. We have been installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless units in Thornton, CO for decades. Call (720) 740-0452 now to have one of our technicians dispatched to your home to solve the problem today! We always look forward to the chance to earn the trust and business of our customers by providing the best services in town!

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