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John W.
John W.
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"The Royal plumbing technician was awesome, he made sure all my questions were answered, fixed all issues, and left the place spotless. Excellent Service."
Stephen F.
Stephen F.
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" Scott is always professional and honest. I would highly recommend him. "
Joanie R.
Joanie R.
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" Scott Choka is the best! Prompt, reliable and professional, he is a master at his craft! We will continue to call him for future projects. "
Tinaya B.
Tinaya B.
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" We call Scott from Royal Plumbing for everything. Pipe leaks, water heater repair, full replacements. He’s absolutely our go-to guy. Kind, respectful, fast and incredibly fair pricing. Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. "
Marry K.
Marry K.
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" Scott explained things thoroughly and clearly outlined steps to be taken for repairs. "

Water Main Services in Brighton, CO

Every home has a water main that brings water from the city service line to the house. And when you discover an issue with this pipe, it is time to call (720) 740-0909 for professional water main repair for your Brighton, CO home. The Royal Services team has provided high-quality water main services in the community for 25 years. And homeowners appreciate our fast and reliable service, complete warranty, and free, no-obligation price quotes. 

Do you suspect a leak in you Water Main in Brighton, CO? Call Royal Services now to schedule and appointment! (720) 740-0909

Common Water Main Problems

The most common issue our team finds within water mains in Brighton, CO are leaks. But because these lines are always under pressure, even a small leak can create a significant mess on your property very quickly. But the more serious concern is related to the quality of your water when there is a leak.

While water is rushing out of the pipe, bits of dirt and even flecks of deteriorating pipe begin contaminating the water flowing into your home. And until this leaking pipe is fixed, you should not drink the water or use it in any appliances. The contamination is unhealthy for you and can damage appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater.

As soon as you notice a leak in your home’s water main in Brighton, CO, turn off the house shut off valve. This valve is located just inside or outside your home on the water supply line. By turning the valve off, you will stop the flow of contaminated water into your home.

That brings us to the other common issue our team repairs, a leaking house shut off valve. If you notice that the area around your home’s shut off valve is damp, chances are that the valve has a slow leak. And while it is not losing a large amount of water, it should be addressed immediately by a licensed plumber. Small leaks never stay small for very long. Call (720) 740-0909 to request an appointment. In some cases, our pros can repair the shut off valve. But if the issue is severe, a water main service valve installation will be needed to replace the failing valve.

Royal Services Water Main Services

Your home’s water main is the only source of water for your entire property. And when there is an issue, like a leak or blockage, you need professional help quickly. At Royal Services, we offer a full line of services related to water mains, including:

  • Water Main Line Replacement In Brighton, CO
  • Water Main Repair In Brighton, CO
  • Water Main Service Valve Repair In Brighton, CO
  • Water Main Service Valve Installation In Brighton, CO

When To Consider Water Main Line Replacement

If your home is over 50 years old and the water main pipe has never been replaced, you should consider yourself fortunate and begin to consider a replacement. It is also a smart investment to opt for a water main line replacement if you discover frequent leaks or issues. 

Call (720) 740-0909. A Royal Services plumber will arrive quickly to provide you with a professional assessment of your water main line. And a free, no-obligation price quote for any necessary repairs or replacement.

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