ruptured sewer pipeline

4 Tips to Keep Your Sewer Lines in Good Shape

The havoc wreaked on your sewer lines doesn’t stop when the temperature climbs and the snow melts. From tossing garbage in your disposal to not watching your kids when they play in the bathroom, your sewer lines are susceptible to issues from a variety of things. Check out some of the best ways to prevent damage and keep those lines in great shape.

Add a Drain Catcher to Each Sink

A drain catcher is a small device with a big impact. It fits right on top of the drain and catches things you don’t want going down the drain. This includes hair in the shower or tub and dish soap in the kitchen. Drain catchers even collect small toys and other objects your kids think would be fun to drop. Drain catchers also pop out in seconds when you hire professionals to clean the drains or inspect the sewer line.

Watch the Disposal

Between holidays like the Fourth of July and the nice weather you see daily, you may want to invite friends and loved ones over for some yummy barbecues. Do not let yourself get so distracted that you use your kitchen sink as a catch-all or rely on your garbage disposal too much. While a garbage disposal can handle some things, it can’t handle certain vegetable peels or debris that is fibrous. It also doesn’t do well with grease. All of those things can form clogs if you’re not careful.

Keep an Eye on Trees and Plants

Most homes in the area connect to the water lines installed by the city. Whether you lived in your house for a long time or just bought it, keep an eye on the trees and plants in your yard, especially those near the sewer lines. Their roots can chip away at the pipes and slowly work their way inside, which allows them to grow wild through the line. This often results in backups as the sewer cannot properly dispose of your home’s waste.

Arrange for Drain Cleaning

Though many stores sell drain cleaners, they cause more damage than good. Professional drain cleaning is the way to go, especially if you have slow-moving drains or notice frequent backups. Using normal drain cleaners produces fumes that make some people sick, but the cleaners can also damage your sink and even eat through the pipes. Professional cleaners use plumbing snakes and other equipment to remove any clogs they find. They can even use cameras to inspect the line for clogs first.

Have more fun this summer and stop worrying about your sewer lines with these easy tips. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Royal Services in Brighton, CO for other sewer line services.