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Advantages to French Drains Few Homeowners Know About

A common problem that many homeowners in Brighton, CO encounter is poor water drainage. In a city that gets an average of 15 inches of rainwater per year, Brighton homes deal with the common issue of rainwater wreaking havoc on their property. Water that does not drain correctly or sufficiently out of the property can cause damage, including flooding and accelerated wear and tear of tree root systems underneath the property. If you currently have a drainage problem or are looking for a better drainage system to avoid any extensive and expensive property damages in the future, we can help you figure out which drainage system best fits your home.

What Is a French Drain?

There are a number of existing drainage systems widely used today, one of which is a French drain. Installed and maintained properly, French drains can help prevent a myriad of property issues that plague homeowners. But what exactly is a French drain? Also referred to as sub-drain, French drains are a type of drainage system that originated in France. It was allegedly designed for agricultural applications until perforated plastic pipes were eventually developed. Compared to other drainage systems, such as trench or curtain, French drains offer a number of benefits that make them a good option.

Simplistic Design

French drains are a relatively simple solution that covers a range of drainage issues. With a French drain, a trench is dug up and filled with gravel and perforated pipes. The perforations in the pipe give the trapped moisture underground space to be collected and transported via gravity. The moisture is transported to a nearby sump, another section of the property, or out into the street. This keeps the moisture from seeping into and staying underneath your property’s foundation.


French drains are versatile and work for a number of scenarios. Shallow-dug French drains can be implemented on Brighton properties to deal with surface water that pools on your lawn. These drains can serve either traditional ranches up the countryside or a single-family bungalow home in the city’s suburbs. This prevents your lawn’s soil from turning into a soggy and muddy quagmire, which can lead to pest infestation. Deeper French drains, on the other hand, can be used to prevent water from seeping into the property foundation’s walls, which — over time — can lead to a weakened foundation.

Preventative Care

Excess groundwater pooling in or close to your home’s backyard or front porch may indicate a need for drainage correction. At Royal Services, we can help you avoid expensive and extensive repairs to your property’s foundation by providing quality French drain installation and other ancillary services needed. We provide foundation repair services, for example, if both heaving and settlement are identified during foundation inspection.

Contact Us Today for Professional French Drain Installation

The benefits of a French drain can only be enjoyed if and when the system is installed and maintained properly. At Royal Services, our five-star plumbing team can help you evaluate your Brighton, CO property’s water drainage conditions in a fast, accurate, and inexpensive manner. Give us a call today to learn more about how French drain systems work or to schedule an in-person appointment for a French drain installation or repair service.