5 Ways To Combat That Foul Garbage Disposal Odor

Most homeowners in the area have garbage disposals in their kitchen sinks. And though most would say that they can’t live without this modern wonder, they would also quickly add that they can become a bit foul smelling from time to time. Air fresheners, strong candles, and even cooking the most aromatic treats never seem to cover up that sour odor floating up out of the drain. Unfortunately, the people who continue to battle this annoying issue have not discovered the five quick and simple ways to eliminate garbage disposal odors.

Avoid The Problem

It might sound oversimplified, but stop putting hunks of food and pots of grease and oil down your sink drains. If you speak to your plumber, you will quickly learn that your home’s garbage disposal is only designed for grinding up the tiny bits of food that you rinse off of dishes and cookware. It is not meant to be a trash processing plant. So if you place food waste in the trash can, you will not have nearly as many odor issues.

Chemical Deodorizers

Going with the commercially made chemical deodorizer and antibacterial products is not always the best solution due to the cost. These products might be a one-time use item to eliminate a foul odor. Then alter your use of the disposal to eliminate the need for other costly cleaning chemicals.

Ice Cubes

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that a few cups of large ice cubes can do wonders for their disposal. The ice helps to remove pieces of debris and food from the grinder blades while also scrubbing away nasty residue from oils and grease. In addition, there is never any concern with fragments of ice getting lodged in the grinder as they all melt away and run down the drain. Best of all, this cost-effective and simple process can be used as often as you like for a fresh and clean garbage disposal at a moment’s notice.

Citrusy Fresh

Most people love the smell of fresh citrus, which is why so many cleaners use the fragrance. However, you can skip the high price disposal cleaners and go right to the source of that great aroma. Place several citrus slices in your garbage disposal and run it to release the oil in the peel, which will clean and remove odors, leaving you with nothing but a great fragrance rather than the smell of a chemical cleaner.

A Natural Chemical Cleaner

Think back to the volcanos that you made in school with baking soda and vinegar. All of that bubbling and fizzing action was fun to watch. But what you didn’t know back then was that you were witnessing an excellent cleaning product in action. The acid in the vinegar kills the bacteria that create a foul odor in rotting food particles. Baking soda is also known for its ability to neutralize odor and freshen a space. When you put the two together, you get all the odor removing benefits as well as the cleaning power of millions of bubbles.

Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the foaming bubbles scrub the disposal and lift debris from the grinder blades for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then flush with a few cups of boiling water to rinse away all of the particles loosened in the cleaning process.

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