Old and rusty heating mains with leaking valve

4 Ways a Defective Water Main Is a Risk for Your Home

Groundwater pumped from alluvial wells reaches your Brighton, CO home via a water main, the big pipe that brings you water from the city service line. The main’s connection can succumb to corrosion or leaks with time. Here are four ways that a faulty water main can pose risks for your home.

1. Contaminant Intrusions Through the Water Main

When there is a leak in the water main, it creates negative pressure within the pipe. The negative pressure could be from a sudden change in demand, power interruption, or an abrupt pump shutdown.

The reduction in pressure triggers a suction effect that draws in contaminants from the surrounding. The leak also increases the rate of corrosion, leading to cracks and even more water wastage.

Rusty or discolored water from multiple fixtures indicates that your service line is faulty. To prevent hazards, you can rely on Royal Services Plumbing for emergency plumbing services in Brighton.

2. Flooding and Water Damage

Another sign of a leaking water main are pools of water in your yard. Water accumulation on your lawn can kill grass and young plants. Flooding speeds up soil erosion, weakening plants and leaving the ground bare.

Water leaks from the main can be substantial enough to cause foundation damage. The soil underneath your house will start shifting, creating cracks on walls. You may also notice peeling paint or stains on the wall due to elevated moisture levels.

3. Defective Mains and Health Hazards

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), standing water can be a significant health risk for your home. Stormwater runoffs may contain pesticides and other hazardous industrial chemicals. A crack in the pipe can allow those toxic compounds into your drinking water supply.

Extensive leaks from the water main coupled with high humidity levels in Adams County can worsen the moisture problem. It may create an environment where bacteria, viruses, and mold spores thrive.

A leak can cause flooding, attracting diseases-spreading insects like mosquitoes. Insects may spread diseases such as the West Nile virus. Flooding can also encourage rodents to venture into your yard, creating a sanitation hazard.

4. Dangers of Lead Contamination From the Main Connection

If your Brighton house was built before 1987 and the piping has not been reinstalled, you may have lead plumbing. You can identify a lead pipe by its dull gray exterior that reveals a silver color when you scratch it.

A water quality test can confirm if there’s lead plumbing in your home. You may have to replace your service line if the test is positive. Lead is known to cause neurological effects and has severe complications for babies and pregnant mothers.

If you notice sinkholes in your yard or discolored water in your home, you need to schedule an inspection. Call Royal Services Plumbing today for prompt and dependable water main services in Brighton, Thornton, North Denver, and neighboring cities.