French drain

Your Guide to French Drains

French drains are simply trenches that our plumbers can dig in your yard that divert water away from places where drainage is poor. Such an area on your property not only creates areas of mud and standing water, but if it’s really in the wrong place, the water can also seep under your foundation and into your house, causing damage. Puddles of muddy water also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

After the trench is dug, our plumbers add a perforated pipe. This pipe is wrapped in landscape fabric that’s water permeable. Then, the pipe is covered with gravel or stone. Excess water percolates down through the gravel and into the pipe. From there, it goes downstream to your septic system, your catch basin, or your municipal sewage system. Gravel or stone is used because it’s easier for water to move through them than soil.

By the way, the French drain isn’t called that because it comes from France. It was developed by a farmer and judge called Henry French, who was from Concord, Massachusetts.

Maintaining a French Drain

Since it’s buried in the ground, it’s inevitable that the French drain will get clogged with dirt from time to time. We recommend that the French drain be checked at least once a year. Usually, an electric snake or a pressure washer is all that’s needed to clean out any clogs, though tree roots may need to be rootered out. A well-maintained French drain can last as long as 30 to 40 years. You can tell your drain is clogged if there is:

  • Water in the trench
  • Any standing water nearby
  • Flooding in your basement
  • No water coming from termination point

French drains can be exterior or interior. You should consider an interior French drain if you’re already having problems with water seeping into your house. The interior French drain is a drainage board our plumbers would install between your foundation wall and an inside wall of your house. The drainage board catches water and directs it to a French drain beneath your home’s concrete slab. A French drain can also be connected to your gutter.

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