What Causes Leaky Pipes In Your Home?

Most homeowners don’t give too much thought to all the water lines and appliances throughout their homes that use water. And they never really think about the potential for leaks and water damage until they face soggy carpet or water dripping from the ceiling. But in that instant, they all become acutely aware of all the pipes, fixtures, and appliances that could begin leaking and ruin everything from expensive electronics and furniture to priceless personal possessions, pictures, and heirlooms.

But the potential for leaks in your home or your yard is always going to exist. All you can do is understand what most often causes leaks and do everything you can to avoid these costly and upsetting mistakes. In most cases, there are simple proactive steps that you can take to ensure that you will never be faced with the sinking feeling that comes with the discovery of a water leak or water damage to your home.

The Top 4 Causes Of Water Damage And Pipe Leaks

Everything in your home has a life expectancy and will at some point wear out. But unlike an appliance that stops functioning, a pipe that wears out will begin to leak. Fortunately, pipes give you warning signs as they are getting older. And in almost every case, those signs and indications occur before a pipe leaks and causes damage to your home.

  • Corrosion- Corrosion is just a fact of life and old age when it comes to water pipes. The water and environment eventually take their toll on the pipe material, and it begins to wear out. But observant homeowners will see the crusty indication of corrosion on a pipe or a fitting and know that the end is near. The other warning sign comes during a plumbing inspection. As your plumber sees that the lines are reaching the end of their reliability, he or she will point that out to you and begin talking about whole-house repiping.  
  • Drain Clogs- Drain clogs are another common cause of water damage. But unfortunately, it is not just water that is leaking in the case of a clogged toilet drain. An annual professional drain cleaning is the one guaranteed way to avoid clogs and the damage that they cause.
  • Improper Installation- This issue is somewhat self-inflicted if you hired a handyman to work on your home’s plumbing. Licensed plumbers invest years in education and hands-on experience before they can become certified. But all too often, homeowners try to save a few dollars and have someone other than a licensed plumber make a repair or installation in their home. And the result is often poor quality and leaks.
  • Tree Roots- Trees add value and beauty to your property. But the root systems also add a risk for your sewer line. The vigorously growing roots can crush a sewer line and create a flood of sewage in your yard as well as a backup in your home. Try to plant trees away from your home’s sewer line. And invest in a sewer line camera inspection to make sure your trees are not endangering your home’s only sewer line.

Knowing the common causes of leaking pipes and water damage is the best way to avoid such costly and upsetting situations. And when you are unsure of a possible sign of a water leak, a fast call to (720) 740-0452 is the best action you can take. A Royal Services licensed plumber will arrive quickly to check out the situation and provide cost-effective solutions if there is a plumbing problem in your home.