Warning Signs Of A Water Leak In Your Home

Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to give water leaks the attention or respect they deserve until it is too late. A dripping faucet or a slight leak under the kitchen sink is passed off as something of little importance until the day that it becomes a significant issue and one that will likely cost a substantial amount of money to repair, along with the cost of fixing any water damage.

The secret that many homeowners do not know but that their plumbers will tell them is that a water leak never stays small forever. So it is vital to recognize the signs of a water leak in your Brighton home and correct it as quickly as possible. That is the only way to avoid a much more costly and potentially hazardous issue involving rotting floors and mold infestation.

Here are some significant indications that you need to locate a water leak or call your plumber for professional help before the problems become much more costly.

  • The sound of running or dripping water is never good. And when you only hear these faint sounds when the house is very quiet, chances are, the leak is concealed inside a wall and creating some terrible water damage.
  • An unexplainable increase in your water bill is another sign of a significant issue somewhere in your home. Sure, you can check to see if there was a rate increase or mistake on your water bill, but be prepared to call a licensed plumber to search your home for a hidden water leak that could be fostering the growth of toxic black mold.
  • Unexplained moisture on the floor is another serious concern. Please do not write it off as drool from the dog, a spilled glass of water, or another simple accident. All too often, that moist carpet or wet area on the floor is where water is oozing up through carpet, wood flooring, or tile due to a leaking water line. If you cannot discover the source of the wet floor, call in a pro before the issue gets worse, and the repair bill gets bigger.
  • An odd pungent or musty odor in your home is never pleasant. And when you think that the cause could be excess moisture from a water leak, the issue becomes even more upsetting. By the time you notice a musty odor, mold are already present and contaminating the air that you are breathing with nasty spores. Call in a pro quickly to limit the water damage and potential for mold-related health issues.
  • Cracked walls signify that your home’s foundation is shifting, settling, or heaving. And all of these problems can be the result of a water leak. Cracks running vertically or diagonally indicate a shift in the foundation, while horizontal cracks are less common with water leaks.

When you discover any of these issues indicating a water leak, call  (720) 740-0452 to schedule an appointment with Royal Services. Fast action is the best way to keep the damage and repair costs to a minimum.