A person is trying to unclog the drain of a sink using plastic disposable snake auger tool

Top Cost-Saving Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Your home plumbing system is vital to your well-being, ensuring you have access to potable water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Of course, a lot of the water flowing in also has to flow out. Most people take their drains for granted until something goes badly wrong, but they shouldn’t. Professional drain cleaning can keep your plumbing in top shape while providing you with a variety of cost-saving benefits. Let’s consider a few of them.

You Will Not Have to Make Premature Pipe Repairs and Replacements

Failure to clean your drains regularly can lead to premature pipe repairs and replacements. This is especially true if the clogs cause your pipes to freeze and burst. When clogs are severe, the water will just sit in your pipes with nowhere else to move. Also, the buildup in your pipes can cause them to break down faster because mineral deposits and other debris will eventually lead to corrosion.

To repair or replace pipes, you can expect to pay quite a lot of money. How much the total cost is will depend on the complexity of the job and the amount of labor and materials required. One thing is certain, however. The expenditure will be more than the cost of drain cleaning.

You Will Not Have to Spend Thousands on Property Damage

If drains and toilets are so blocked that the water will not flow, clogs can lead to flooding. Floods can cause severe property damage, which is expensive to repair. Homeowners can spend thousands of dollars to repair water-related property damage, and if that water damage leads to a mold infestation, the costs will significantly increase.

You Will Not Have to Spend Money Remediating a Sewage Backup

The worst clogs can cause a sewage backup. Sewage backups are dangerous because they will expose you and your family members to hazardous contaminants. Even inhaling these contaminants can cause serious health problems such as fever, vomiting, cramping, and severe gastroenteritis.

Aside from the health dangers, remediating a sewage backup can be extremely costly. The expense of cleaning up a sewage backup and repairing any associated damage can run into many thousands of dollars. This is one reason why it is critical to have your drains professionally cleaned, so a blockage of this kind will not have a chance to form.

To ensure that your home plumbing system continues to function at peak performance, experts recommend that you have your drains cleaned annually by a licensed plumber. If you have not had it done already this year, contact Royal Services today to schedule drain cleaning to protect your Brighton, CO home from contaminants and water-related property damage.