A plumber repairing a sump pump in a flooded basement in a residential home

Maximizing Summer Protection Through Sump Pump Upgrades

You should check your home’s sump pump now to ensure it is in good working order before the humid summer months arrive. Water damage and expensive repairs could be on the horizon if your home doesn’t have a working sump pump. If you want to ensure that your house is ready for summer heat, upgrading the sump pump is a great idea.

Creating Emergency Backup Battery

Most sump pumps are powered by the electricity in your home, which can cause problems if a severe storm knocks out the power. Numerous modern sump pumps include rechargeable reserve batteries to make sure that the pump remains operational when required. If your sump pump does not accommodate an external battery, this simple upgrade will give you peace of mind regardless of the weather.

Improving Motor Performance

Repairing your sump pump after every storm may indicate that you have an incorrectly sized model or basin. If your pump turns on and off frequently or never turns off, you may have a problem. When the sump basin is inadequate, the pump must operate in overdrive to remove the accumulating water. Our experts can recommend an upgraded pump suitable for the amount of water that regularly accumulates in your basement and expands the basin to accommodate it.

A stronger motor can move more water and pump it out more quickly, minimizing the likelihood of flooding. You won’t have to worry as much about the motor burning out or needing to be replaced as often because of its increased durability. Maintaining your sump pump and avoiding wet basement problems will be easier, cheaper, and less stressful if you do this.

Reducing Noise Levels

You shouldn’t hear anything other than a low hum when your sump pump activates. Any loud noises usually indicate that your system is about to break down. Anything from the motor to the impeller could be jammed or worn down. Since your sump pump only switches on when accumulating water, you may only know there is an issue once it is too late. Use these early sounds as a sign to call your sump pump team.

Removing an Inefficient Old Sump

If you’ve inherited a sump pump from the previous owners or had a flooded basement due to a recent storm, it might be time to look into upgrading. The technology behind sump pumps improves every year, and our team of specialists can assist you in planning the optimal installation for your home’s layout and local weather conditions.

Older sump pumps are less effective than newer ones. This can cause increased energy use and system maintenance costs, making it harder to keep up with the volume of incoming water. A newer, more energy-efficient sump pump will save you money and keep your basement safe if your current one is older than 10 years.

Ending Unusually High Water Levels

A stronger sump pump could be the best option if your home has been experiencing persistently high water levels or if a recent hard downpour left your basement flooded. Dual-motor sump pumps have become commonplace in recent years. Our professionals can visit your home and recommend the appropriate size based on their findings.

Upgrading your sump pump for summer protection is an excellent choice to help protect your home from the elements. It can help reduce the risk of flooding and other water damage, prevent mold and mildew growth, and save you money on energy bills. Call Royal Services in Brighton, CO, for all your plumbing, sump pump, and drain needs!