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Is Your Water Heater About Ready to Give Out on You?

Water heaters do not last forever. The average hot water heater might last 15 years if you’re lucky. In fact, many of them give out after only about 10 years. With that in mind, you may want to know the signs that your heater is about ready to quit working.

The Hot Water Just Isn’t There

When you are doing dishes or taking a shower, do you notice that the warm water doesn’t last for very long? A water heater that is on its last legs will not do a great job of keeping the water hot. This can be an annoyance, especially if you need to wake up early to shower for work.

Your Shower Temperature Becomes a Variety Show

The temperature of your shower should remain pretty constant unless you’re adjusting the temperature knob. If your water heater is on its way out, the temperature might vary greatly. Watch for the situation of having warm water one moment and colder water the next.

Your Water Heater Leaks

If you notice some water leaking from the area around your water heater, that can be another sign that the heater is on its last go around. It is never a great sign to see a puddle of water near your water heater. The puddle may be massive or just a bit of water, but it does warrant a service call.

Your Water Looks Murky or Brown

None of us want to turn our taps on to find our water to be less than clear, but if your water heater is nearing its end, you may wind up seeing brown or murky-colored water. Corrosion and rust buildup inside the water heater can spew forth when the heater is in need of replacement.

The Water Heater Sounds Funny

Yes, odd noises coming from the water heater are never a positive sign for the longevity of the unit. If you notice any strange noises as you’re running warm or hot water, it might be a sign that your unit is going to be need a replacement soon.

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