Tips for Protecting Your Sewer Lines

How to Handle a Sewer Backup Safely

Believe it or not, there are two types of sewage: the kind that goes down the drains in your home and that which comes from storm drains. No matter the type of sewage backup you experience, it’s essential to exercise caution.

Handling Effluent Waste

If your sewage backup includes effluent waste, don’t attempt to contend with the matter yourself. Effluent waste includes hazardous chemicals, domestic sewage, and byproducts from agricultural processes. This type of waste can cause serious illness. You must contact a plumbing professional to handle the cleanup and remediate the problem because they’ll have the necessary training and tools to do so safely.

Protect Open Wounds

If you have any scrapes, cuts, or open wounds, make sure to protect them so that they don’t come into contact with any sewage. If sewage comes into contact with any broken skin, you must clean the area thoroughly with an antiseptic to avoid developing an infection.

Shut Off the Electricity

Shutting off the electricity is essential, especially if the flooding is occurring near outlets or electrical sources. You can choose to shut off the power in the impacted area, or you can shut off the main power supply. If the water is rising, make sure you’re wearing safety gear to protect yourself from getting electrocuted. Safety gear can include rubber boots and rubber clothing. To err on the side of caution, involve a professional. If you make one wrong move, you can become seriously injured or lose your life.

Remove Children, Compromised People, and Pets

When a sewage backup occurs, you need to remove children, compromised people, and pets from the impacted area. Removal is necessary to prevent injury or illness. Depending on the severity of the backup, you may have to completely evacuate vulnerable ones from your home.

Turn Off the Water

If the water supply is causing your backup to worsen, shut it off. Shutting off your water supply is done to prevent more flooding from occurring.

Call for Help Straight Away

As soon as the sewage backup is occurring, call for help straight away. The longer you wait, the more severe the problem will become. You risk contending with severe property damage, and there’s a higher risk of injury and illness.

If you’re contending with a sewage backup, you’re likely overwhelmed; however, working with highly trained professionals can ease your stress. These pros have the skills and tools to effectively and efficiently handle any situation. The next time you’re dealing with a sewage backup in Brighton, CO or a surrounding area, contact Royal Services for emergency plumbing services. Our team will rectify the problem and ensure your safety.