How A New Gas Line Can Spark Some Summer Fun

With summer just around the corner, have you given any thought to sprucing up your backyard to add to your summertime fun? The last year has been unpredictable, and it never hurts to have a backup plan for some summer fun this year. Picture a staycation that centers around fantastic meals prepared on your new gas BBQ grill. And what staycation is complete without S’mores around the fire? All of this quality family fun can be yours with a quick call to schedule a gas line installation in your backyard.

Gas Is The Way To Go For Fire Pits

Every homeowner is sure that they will get a massive amount of use and enjoyment from a fire pit. Think of all the fun you have camping. A lot of the best memories come from the time spent around the campfire. So why not bring that fun activity to your backyard? But after just a few loads of firewood get dragged to the backyard, you begin to think that it might not be as fun as you remembered. Then, there is the hassle of cleaning out all the ashes and mess the next day because if you don’t, it will make a huge mess when it rains.

It doesn’t sound enjoyable. But think about this option. A gas fire pit eliminates all the chores of building and tending a fire, plus all the clean-up. All you do with a gas fire pit is turn the gas key and light the fire. And when you are done enjoying the fire, turn off the gas, and your job is done. And you will never be searching for firewood again and paying $10 at the store for about four pieces of nasty wood.

Grilling Is Equally As Simple

Who hates carrying huge bags of charcoal and building a fire two hours before you want to eat? That is the price you pay to BBQ with a charcoal grill. But after you have a gas line installed, you go out and turn on the gas, push a button, and the flames magically appear. In minutes you can have burgers, hot dogs, or steaks sizzling on your gas grill. And again, there is no hassle cleaning up ashes and dust the next day.

The Added Benefits Of Grilling

Now that you don’t have to start the grill in the middle of the afternoon, it seems to be an effortless and appealing way to cook. What you might not know is that it is also very healthy. Meat cooked on a grill has far less grease and fat than fried foods. Also, there are hundreds of great recipes for grilled veggies that even your kids will enjoy. And by taking the cooking outdoors in the summer months, you are reducing the heat in your home, which will help lower your cooling costs. You might even find that the entire family is willing to pitch in on preparing dinner when you are cooking outdoors.

Only Trust A Pro

When you are thinking about a new gas line in your backyard, the one thing to remember is safety. A gas line that a licensed plumber installs is as safe as the gas lines serving the appliances inside your home. Your trusted plumber knows the proper techniques and building codes in  to ensure that your new gas line is safe. Call (720) 740-0452 for a free quote for your new gas line. A Royal Services licensed plumber will get the job done quickly and correctly so you can be enjoying your backyard this summer.