Common And Costly Kitchen Drain Mistakes

Most of us never realize how many times we rely on our sink drains during the average day. From washing hands and brushing teeth to cooking, these drains are called upon to handle much wastewater each day. But the trouble begins when we forget to use a little care when washing other items down the drain. Everyone knows that lose hair is a sure clog creator. But unfortunately, most of us are not very careful when it comes to what we rinse down the kitchen sink. And there are a few critical things that are almost a guarantee for a nasty drain clog. Keeping these few items out of your kitchen sink drain is sure to reduce clogs and some costly drain repairs.


Grease is the mother of all clogs in a kitchen sink drain. Even though it is a liquid, it quickly congeals to form a solid or sludge when you pour it down the drain. That grease or used cooking oil coats the drain pipe and turns into a sticky residue. Every bit of food washed down the drain can become stuck in the messy gunk to begin forming a horrendous clog from that moment on. Used cooking oil and grease should be placed in a jar or disposed of in the trashcan to avoid costly and messy kitchen drain clogs.

Coffee Grounds

As fine as coffee grounds appear when you wash them down the kitchen sink drain, they can still contribute to a messy clog. In the drainpipe, they tend to clump together to create large sticky globs that get snared by the greasy residue and form spongey blockages. The best solution is to let the grounds dry a bit and then place them in the trashcan to avoid future problems.

Pasta And Rice

Cooked pasta and rice are common leftovers in many homes. And while these foods appear to be soft and easy to wash away down the drain, they are also full of starch. These items clump together and become lodged in the pipes and fittings of your home’s drains. The more water you use to try and wash them away, the larger they swell. Soon, there is little space for any water to pass through the drain pipes. Use the trashcan to dispose of all food waste.


Delicate eggshells might seem very harmless. But when they are crammed into a drainpipe, they seem to become indestructible. The tiny shards stick in the greasy residue and begin to snag more debris and waste that should be flowing through the drain line. And soon, you are facing a kitchen sink full of dirty water that cannot get past the clog.

Fatty Foods

Much like straight grease and oil, fatty foods coat the inside of your drain lines with grease. And even worse, these bits of meat can become stuck in the drain lines and begin to spoil. When you waft a sour or rotten odor from your kitchen sink drain, it is often bits of meat creating the rank smell. The best choice is to place all food waste in the trashcan to avoid any further issues with grease, oil, odor, and clogs.

If you have noticed that your kitchen sink drain is clearing more slowly, it is time to call in the pros from Royal Plumbing. A professional drain cleaning will blast away all that smelly residue and any clogs that are forming. And the best part is that we only use pure water to get the job done, so there are no harsh chemical fumes. Call (720) 740-0452 to schedule your drain cleaning today.