sump pump with some water around it

5 Reasons Your Sump Pump Failure Is a Plumbing Emergency

Your home’s sump pump works tirelessly to keep water out of your crawlspace or basement. When these systems develop faults or struggle with worn-out components, they leave your property vulnerable. Here’s why you should request emergency plumbing services soon if you have a faulty sump pump.

1. Flooding

When you have a working sump pump, you can count on it to safely divert water away from your home. This is especially useful during heavy storms or when the groundwater level around your property has risen. However, if the system stops working, low areas in your home like your crawlspace or basement may fill up with water. Flooding causes substantial damage to both physical belongings and the structural strength of your home.

2. Potential Electrical Concerns

Exposure to water can short-circuit certain appliances and fixtures. Depending on how high the water rises, you could run into issues with your HVAC system, laundry machines, or water heater. If moisture reaches certain key wires, you could encounter a power outage, fire, or health hazard. Once the water is drained from your home, you’ll also have to cover the replacement costs for your expensive appliances.

3. Damaged Belongings

Any belongings in your basement from your spare electronics to your priceless pictures could be at risk if your sump pump breaks down. Floodwaters may contain various pollutants, including human or animal waste, heavy metals, and hazardous chemicals. It’s often not recommended to keep anything that comes into contact with this contaminated water. Instead, you may be forced to throw away hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture, systems, clothing, and more.

4. Rotted Wood

After a flood or moisture problem, water can leak into your walls and foundation. Any wooden structures within the basement could slowly rot and weaken. Parts of your drywall may be permanently stained or beginning to crumble. In addition to impacting the aesthetics of your basement, this could also result in structural concerns. You may have to replace all of the impacted drywall to stop the rot and mold from spreading.

5. Fungal Growth

Finally, excess moisture in your home provides the ideal environment for fungal growth. These spores can penetrate deep into your walls and carpets. Along with ruining your air quality, mold and mildew can also make your home unsafe to live in. Breathing in spores may irritate your lungs and put your family at risk of respiratory irritation.

A broken sump pump can create a host of home issues that impact your household’s comfort and budget. Reach out to Royal Services today to schedule your sump pump service appointment in Brighton, CO.