Benefits of Sewer Line Maintenance

5 Hidden Problems That Could Be Lurking in Your Sewer Line

Sewer pipes transport sewage from a home to a sewage treatment plant to ensure waste is removed from your home in an environmentally safe way. These pipes are very hard to maintain and repair since they are underground.

The cost of neglecting regular maintenance could come with severe consequences, such as sewage water backup, expensive repairs requiring replacement or excavation, and fines for violations. You can save yourself trouble and expenses by having a professional handle common issues around your home’s sewer line.

1. Mineral and Metal Deposits

Hard water can leave deposits on your sewer pipes and the sewer line. The scale formed sticks to the pipe walls in layers up to an inch or more, leading to severe clogs. A plumber will use a special chemical cleaner to dissolve the deposits and a camera to identify and target the deposits’ location. A professional water softener installation can help prevent the deposits from building up.

2. Tree Root Interference

If trees grow near your sewer line, roots can interfere with water flow if they burrow inside the pipe and cause blockages. Your plumber can use a camera to inspect the sewer line’s interior and determine the problem’s severity. They may lift a portion of your lawn and use a special root removal tool. If this fails, they must remove a section of the sewer line and replace it with a new pipe.

3. Foreign Materials

Your sewer lines can become clogged with trash, food waste, or other foreign objects. Over time, these clogs lead to severe problems that require expensive repairs. A plumber will inspect your line and use special tools to remove foreign objects. They can snake a small, flexible cable with a rotary brush to remove solid waste and later use a camera to locate any remaining debris.

4. Pest Infestation

Pests such as cockroaches or rodents can inhabit your sewer line, and they find a way into your home. Gnawing pests can cause damage or leaks that require expensive repairs and their waste droppings can also lead to severe clogs. You may notice small holes in the drywall, damage around the toilet, or traces of rat feces around your home. A plumber will inspect your pipes and use special tools to remove pests and repair damage.

5. Hidden Leaks

Some leaks may happen underground, in hard-to-reach areas, or where access is difficult. These leaks can lead to permanent damage and costly repairs. Common signs of leaks include wet spots around your home, damp floors, or unexplained high water bills. A plumber will use a special camera to locate and repair the leak.

Sewer line issues can easily become expensive. Have your lines inspected and cleaned regularly to save money on costly consequences. Contact Royal Services for sewer line repair and replacement in Brighton, CO. We have all the tools and expertise to ensure your sewer line is in good working order.