Old and rusty heating mains with leaking valve

4 Water Main Problems That Need Professional Repairs

Living in Brighton, CO means that the water you use comes from the city and the public water supply. You have a water main that transports the water from the street to your home via an underground system. As you cannot see the plumbing, you may not realize that you have a problem until it becomes much worse and costs more to fix. Check out some of the common water main problems that require professional repairs before you reach out to Royal Services Plumbing.


Even if you can’t see the pipes yourself, you should know when you have a leak because of how much your water bills rise. The most common reason this happens is corrosion. Rust on the pipes will wear them down and cause water to leak from the holes. As the leak worsens, it can eventually cause the pipe to collapse. You might also have a leak caused by the weather. As the temperatures in Brighton, CO rise and fall, you undergo something called the freeze-thaw cycle. The water keeps freezing and thawing, which causes the pipe to expand and contract.

Frozen Pipes

Royal Services Plumbing handles calls from people in and around Brighton, CO every winter who need help with frozen pipes. As the temperatures drop, you may experience frozen pipes in the late fall. This can cause serious water damage and lead to your water main breaking. It usually takes around 24 hours to thaw the main line and ensure it works again.

Poor Water Pressure

Does your home have such bad water pressure that you need to spend more time in the shower and waste a lot of water? The problem often occurs because of the minerals and other deposits found in the Brighton water supply. Calcium and other minerals build up inside the water main as it moves water into your home. Those deposits can become so large that only a trickle of water comes through. Clogged pipes can also affect your water pressure and can damage the water main.

Burst Line

If you leave some of these problems untreated, you risk the water main breaking or bursting. That break can waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water that the city expects you to pay for later. With emergency plumbing, you don’t need to worry if you aren’t sure what to do next. Even if you can’t turn off the water supply to your home, a plumber from Royal Services will get to you fast to fix the problem.

Trying to handle some of the common water main problems on your own can lead to big bills because you make a few mistakes that a plumber needs to fix. Call Royal Services Plumbing to get help from a professional plumber for any water main issues you have to save time and money.