Warning Signs That You Have A Water Leak

Most homeowners are not very familiar with the pipes, fittings, and even fixtures that make up their home’s plumbing system. All they know is that when they turn a knob or move a lever, the water that they need to cook, drink, and bathe appears. But when you don’t have even a very basic understanding of your home’s plumbing, you could be missing some critical warning signs of a very costly water leak. Below are a few tips that can help you understand when your plumbing is trying to tell you that there is a significant problem.

The No Brainer Message

The really easy-to-understand warning is that big puddle in your home or the mud in your yard. Indoors, the leak could appear as water on the floor in an odd area or squishy and wet carpet. Or the warning could be a little more subtle, like a drip running down the wall or a stain on the ceiling. Outdoors, you might also notice that one part of your lawn is much more green and lush than the rest. And upon further investigation, it too is likely to be wet. Any unexplained water inside or outside your home is a blatant sign of a water leak.

Did You Hear That?

If you suddenly think that you hear water dripping, chances are, that is what is happening. Most of the time, these leaks are only audible when your house is very quiet. But when you think you hear something dripping, it is time to investigate. Hopefully, you can zero in on the sound and call in a licensed plumber if the sound comes from inside a wall or ceiling. Never overlook what sounds like a tiny drip or leak. In the plumbing world, nothing remains small for very long. And fixing a small leak is the only way to avoid the costly damage that will occur as the leak grows.

The Clerical Error

When you get an unexplainably large water bill, don’t think that your water provider has gone off the deep end. Sure, you can call and see if it was a mistake. But also be willing to start looking for a water leak somewhere in or around your home. Take a close look at your water meter when no water is running in your home. The meter should not be moving. If it is, you have a water leak. Call in a professional plumber immediately to limit the water damage and costly repairs it will necessitate.

A Drop In Water pressure Is No Big Deal

A sudden drop in water pressure throughout your home is always an indication of trouble. Only in very rare and odd cases does water pressure change overnight. So if your water pressure has decreased, there is a fairly good size leak somewhere. Likewise, if you open a water faucet and wait even a few seconds to get water, something is very wrong. Your home’s water lines should always remain full and pressurized. When you open a faucet or turn on a shower, that water should be inches away and appear immediately. If that is not what is happening, you need to call a licensed plumber immediately.

All of these signs of a water leak in your home are essential warnings that your home could be severely damaged by water and invaded by toxic mold. And the only way to stop the damage is a call to (720) 740-0452. The licensed plumbers at Royal Services are experts at locating even the smallest and most concealed leaks in and under your home.