5 Problems Solved With Professional Drain Cleaning

Cleaning your drains just once a year can prevent some big issues. Professionals have access to the top tools and products to break up the biggest clogs and keep new clogs from appearing later. If you want to save money on future plumbing repairs, see some of the problems that regular drain cleaning will resolve.

1. Wild Animals

You may not know that drains can attract wild animals. The clogs inside the pipes provide a good food source for them. Even if the pipes aren’t clogged, the smell of debris inside them may make the animals come running. On top of rats and mice, you also leave your home susceptible to roaches and other insects. As the insects die and break down, they can even back up into your sink or shower. Drain cleaning removes anything that attracts pests.

2. Clogs

Drain cleaning eliminates the risks associated with clogs, too. Clogs form when debris builds up in a specific spot within the pipe. A clog can consist of hair, soap scum, and dozens of other things. Not only do clogs cause waste and water to back up, but they can become so large that nothing can move through the pipe. The best way to break up a clog is with drain cleaning.

3. Leaks

One of the worst plumbing problems you might face is a leak. A small leak increases your monthly water bill because it causes you to waste a lot of water. As it grows and worsens, the leak wears down the pipe and causes it to collapse. If you need a reason to schedule drain plumbing, check out your water bill and see how much it increased in the last few months.

4. Water Damage

When you have a clogged drain, expect to see some water damage in the future. As the water leaks out, it needs somewhere to go, which is usually the nearest surface. It can weaken your floors so much that the flooring breaks when you stand on it. Water damage leads to mold as well.

5. Cloudy and Foul Water

Another issue drain cleaning can fix is cloudy water that tastes foul. A clogged drain often forces water into different pipes and fixtures. The water can back up inside your faucets and release debris when you turn on the tap. Your water can look and taste so bad that you don’t want to clean with it and you stop drinking water at home.

Cleaning your drains just once a year can fix many of the plumbing problems you have now or will have in the future. Those problems include cloudy water, leaks, clogs, the presence of wild animals, and water damage. Eliminate those problems by calling Royal Services in Brighton, CO for drain cleaning.