Repairing a faucet

Ways That Winter Weather Can Affect Your Plumbing

When the winter weather hits the Brighton area, you better bundle up. There are also a few things you can do to protect your plumbing system from experiencing problems that are common in the winter.

Frozen Pipes Are Possible

Sometimes, the temperature in Colorado can struggle to reach above the teens. When we’re in the middle of a cold spell, you need to protect your pipes from freezing. Consider having them insulated, which can be a practical long-term solution. You can also leave your cabinets open to expose your pipes to more warm air, and leave your faucets dripping overnight so that the water can keep flowing through your pipes. When water moves, it has a harder time freezing, and that’s exactly what you want to happen.

If it has been particularly cold in Brighton and you’ve noticed an issue with your water flow, there may have been an issue somewhere in your home. Ice may have formed, causing a pipe to crack. In this case, it’s best to call a professional to assess and remedy the situation. Our team at Royal Services can detect leaks and fix them effectively.

Appliances Get a Lot of Use

In the winter, if not skiing or snowboarding up in the mountains, people tend to spend a lot of time at home. Local residents might also invite others over for holiday gatherings, to watch the Broncos play, or just to enjoy an evening together. These are reasons why water heaters sometimes work overtime in the winter.

To make sure your water heater can keep up with an increased demand, have it checked out. Regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your water heater in good condition, and it can help you extend the unit’s lifespan. Additionally, it allows our team to fix any small issues before they become major ones; you really don’t want your water heater to malfunction when you have a full house.

Kitchen Sinks Can Get Clogged

The holiday season goes together with cooking delicious, comforting foods. Many of these foods are so tasty because they’ve been cooked with some type of fat. Oily substances may be in liquid form when they’re hot, but they can congeal when they cool down. This can happen right in the middle of your drain if you’re not careful, and it could cause other things to back up. It’s best practice to scrape off your dishes before placing them in the sink. Be sure to throw greasy items in your trash can.

The winter is a fun season, but it can also cause some plumbing concerns. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can prevent many issues. Call us at Royal Services for more information.