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4 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Attention

Your sewer line is one of the most important components of your property and is responsible for keeping everything running with your plumbing system. Although sewer lines are built to be durable, they can still suffer from damage or wear and tear. As a homeowner in Brighton, Colorado, it’s essential to know the signs that your sewer line needs repairs to ensure you can act fast.

1. Sewer Gas or Odors

Cracked drain pipes can start to release sewer gas and odors that are hard to ignore while spending time on the property. Odors are always a sign that an underlying issue is present and that your plumbing system isn’t working correctly. You’ll need to immediately contact a plumber from a company like Royal Services in Brighton to perform the repairs before toxic sewer gas starts to enter your home. Sewer gas will not only make it difficult to spend time in your home, but it can also put your family’s health at risk.

2. Changes With Your Lawn

Your lawn may be directly affected the next time there’s a cracked sewer line. Although it’s common for lawns to become soggy in Brighton after one of the heavy spring storms that this area often experiences, it can also be due to plumbing issues. When there’s a sewer leak, there may be some spots in the grass that become soiled and soggy. This is typically accompanied by strong and foul odors. A sinkhole can even start to form around the break.

In some cases, your lawn may also become a lot more lush and green. All of the water that is leaking out of the sewer line can improve the health of your grass, but this is not the way you want to get a greener lawn.

3. Rodent Infestation

Rodents and other pests are often attracted to broken sewer lines due to the strong odors and availability of water. This can invite critters into your home. If you have pests in the home and suspect a sewer leak, you will want both the pests and your leak taken care of as soon as possible.

4. Cracks in the Walls

You may start to notice large and small cracks that begin to form in your walls due to cracks in the concrete slab under the property. The issues with the concrete slab can develop due to a sewer line that is leaking. The damage will start to escalate and can affect your home’s foundation, making it necessary to clean up the water and perform sewer line repairs as soon as possible.

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